Lithium Chemicals Plant


Responding to global demand for an additional secure supply of lithium carbonate, Talison is evaluating the construction of a plant to convert lithium minerals into lithium carbonate (Lithium Chemicals Plant).

The Lithium Chemicals Plant will enable Talison to convert lithium concentrate produced at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations into lithium carbonate.  The product will be packaged into shipping containers for export from Fremant Port to global markets. This will enable Talison to access a global customer base including Japan, South Korea, the USA and Europe.


Talison is proposing to locate the Lithium Chemicals Plant in the Kwinana Industrial Area in Western Australia.  The Kwinana Industrial Area is located approximately 40km south of Perth and 200km north-west of the Greenbushes Lithium Operations.

The Kwinana Industrial Area is one of the largest dedicated industrial areas in Western Australia and comprises a range of industries including fabrication and construction facilities, power stations, waste water plants, chemical manufacturers and alumina, nickel and oil refineries.

Talison selected the Kwinana Industrial Area as its preferred location for the Lithium Chemicals Plant due to the similarities between the plant and the surrounding industries; its proximity to water, reagent supply and energy; access to skilled labour, and close location to Fremantle Port for container exports.

The location of the Lithium Chemicals Plant is set out below. 

Conceptual View of the Lithium Chemicals Plant