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Talison Lithium Pty Ltd (Talison Lithium) is the world’s leading lithium minerals concentrate producer, supplying product for the clean energy revolution. We are a private company owned by joint venture partners Tianqi Lithium Corporation and Albemarle Corporation.

Talison Lithium and its predecessor companies have been producing lithium at Greenbushes since 1983 and the area is recognised as containing the world’s highest grade and largest hard rock deposit of the lithium mineral spodumene. Greenbushes is also the longest continuously operated mining area in Western Australia following the discovery of tin in 1888 and subsequent development of tantalum and lithium deposits.

Many of the senior management team and employees at Talison Lithium have been working at the Greenbushes mining operations for more than 20 years ensuring continuity and long- standing relationships with stakeholders including customers and the local community.

The lithium minerals we produce play a big part in people’s lives. Lithium minerals can be found in many different applications including batteries powering small electronic devices and power tools, through to electric vehicles and grid stabilisation/ storage facilities. Lithium is also used in ceramics, glassware (touch screens on your iphone), and other industrial and medical applications.


Greenbushes Project

home to the world’s premier lithium asset.

Talison Lithium Pty Ltd mines and produces lithium minerals in a safe and sustainable manner at its Greenbushes operations situated in the picturesque South West region of Western Australia in the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.

The lithium orebody at Greenbushes was identified during an extensive drilling programme that took place between 1977 and 1980 and the mine has been producing and exporting lithium minerals for more than three decades.

Talison Lithium’s Greenbushes site is comprised of a number of open cut mining pits for spodumene (lithium mineral) and leading- edge lithium concentrate production facilities.

We are expanding our Greenbushes operations with the construction of additional chemical grade lithium processing facilities to more than double our output of lithium mineral concentrates. Our second chemical grade lithium plant will be commissioned in May 2019 and further expansion including construction of a third chemical grade lithium processing facility and a tailings retreatment facility will commence in the Q2 of 2019 subject to regulatory approvals.

The expansion will provide economic benefits to the South West region through increased direct and indirect employment at the mine and local businesses. The current mine workforce is 417 including permanent contractors. The expansion will create additional employment opportunities.

The Greenbushes Expansion Project will reinforce Talison Lithium’s place as the world’s premier lithium producer, powering Western Australia’s push to develop world leading downstream processing facilities.

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We consider our community in every decision we make.

Community And Sustainability

As the custodians of Western Australia’s oldest continuously mined minerals field, located in one of the most attractive lifestyle areas in our State, we work with our community to deliver projects that create sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes.

We listen to and communicate regularly with our stakeholders, we share ideas and form partnerships to achieve outcomes of mutual benefit. In 2006 the site was awarded a Golden Gecko for environmental excellence in rehabilitating historic mine workings and creating a suite of walk trails in partnership with the local community. In 2017 the mine completed a four year project with the Blackwood Basin Group to rehabilitate a former mining void, Schwenke’s Dam, which has been developed as a wetland haven for wading birds.

We act with respect, integrity and honesty towards our workforce, communities, suppliers and customers.

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