Health and safety

Safety is our core value.

Talison Lithium is committed to promoting a culture that ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees and contractors. Ensuring our people carry out their duties in a safe and responsible manner and get home safely from work each day is our key objective. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility to identify workplace hazards and implement effective controls to mitigate risk.

Our management systems focus on effectively identifying and managing risks and achieving a consistent approach to safety management across our business.

We manage risks through hazard identification and reporting, assessment and appropriate controls including policies and procedures.

We ensure we communicate and consult with our employees, including contractors through the appointment of Work Health and Safety representatives in each Department. Where appropriate we involve them in the development of practices and procedures focused on the improvement of occupational safety and health performance. All employees are involved in safety toolbox talks and relevant training which embodies our priority of working safely.

As well as traditional safety measures, Talison Lithium provides an integrated process to manage medical emergency response, hygiene monitoring, ergonomic assessment, wellbeing and fitness training, fitness for work testing and return to work programmes for injured personnel. A site nurse works with employees and management to deliver programmes to promote health and wellbeing.

Safety performance is continually measured to ensure improvement against planned and actual outcomes. As a measure of safety performance, Talison Lithium monitors defined lead and lag indicators to assess overall safety effectiveness and performance.

We cooperate with Government and the community on occupational safety and health issues and contribute to the development and improvement of relevant occupational safety and health policy, legislation, standards and research.

We strive to exceed the minimum standards required by legislation.


Talison Lithium seeks to develop and maintain the skills of its workforce from apprentices and trainees through to technical and professional staff.


Annual traineeships are provided for school leavers from nearby regional centres. This successful program has been in place for more than six years and provides up to 6 young people with employment and training for a one year period at the Greenbushes Mining Operations. The trainees then “graduate” from the traineeship program with a recognised qualification and can go on to seek further education such as University studies or other employment.


Talison Lithium employs two new apprentices each year and at any one time may have up to five apprentices on site at varying stages of study (1 – 4 years) across a range of disciplines including maintenance and electrical.

Skills Development

Talison Lithium seeks to provide a challenging and fulfilling career for its employees with opportunities for skills development and further training. Through the annual review process employees may choose to undertake further training and development including leadership training.


We care about our employees and contractors and their families. That care does not finish at the end of a shift or work roster. We offer our staff a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program with counselling and advice on physical and mental well being. Specially trained staff across our site can provide immediate assistance and referral or our people can access 24 hour telephone hotline assistance, or face to face counselling and appointments.

Our on-site nurse can quickly assess and respond to any concerns that our employees may have while at work. This service also includes tracking of blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, general fitness and weight.


emergency response team.jpg

Talison Lithium has an active and responsive Emergency Response Team. Regular training ensures the team members have appropriate skills and capabilities to respond to a range of emergencies. Our team also plays an important role in supporting our nearby communities during emergencies such as bushfires.